Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Night...

I don't have any pictures to share because everything that I'm working on other than the SAL is for an exchange. My two pinkeeps and the biscornu turned out just precious. I can't wait to see how my exchange partners like their treasures. I have to get on my squares for round 7 in the Fair and Square exchange group. I talked to my partner and she wants a cottage with flowers, so I have picked what I think is the perfect pattern. Hopefully she will like it too. After that I have the HoE Summer Quaker exchange to get started stitching. I can't decide what to do, so I guess I will do a little browsing around the web and see what I can find. I'm actually not all that fond of the traditional Quaker patterns that I have seen out there. I do love the animal patterns from The Workbasket.

Anyway, it's Saturday night and I am watching "The Wedding Date" for about the millionth time. I love it so and the music - well it's Michael Buble - enough said! We went to the post office today so that I could send off the supplies to my mother so that she can join in on the Thursday SAL with me. I thought that she might enjoy having something to look forward to every week now that she is retired from the flower business. We then went to Costco for fillet mignon and a watermelon for our cook-out tomorrow and Monday. We need to get special boxes to pack the dishes next week, so hopefully I can get Milsey (DH) to go to U-Haul and pick up the last few packing items that we will need for the move. I want to say thanks to all of you who have put up with my incessant ramblings on this move. I have only this blog for my rants on this topic. Oh well, it will be over in a few weeks, so please bear with me. Okay, well it's after midnight now, and I should be heading for bed. Write more later!


loopylou said...

Hope all goes well with your move. I recently moved with my two boys so really appreciate what it is like. Make sure youknow where the stitching is, give you something to relax with after all the excitement.

I home educate the boys too which has given us plenty of opportunity to explore our new area. I am sure you'll all have a lovely time

Carol R said...

Good luck with your move