Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Biscornu

Well, I made quite a mess with my first try on the fabric that I dyed myself. I just wasn't happy with it. My stitches look messy anymore - does anyone else have this problem? Anyway, I started another one with variegated silk and I am very happy with what I have so far. I have finished the top, and am now on to the bottom portion.

We now officially have 25 days until the BIG move. I have finished packing Bonnie's bedroom, the living room (75% finished) and a closet. Lisa and I will start on Ethan's room next week and then on to the master bedroom/stash room. I am dreading it!

Milsey's gradmother is very sick and is in the hospital with several blood clots in her lungs. Milsey doesn't think that she will make it much longer. I know that this is sad. but she is in so much pain from other problems and she says that she is ready to die. I hate seeing her in such pain and even though watching this is hard on all of us, she will be happier when she is at rest with the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers. Well I'm off to bed. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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mercy said...

My stitches ALWAYS look messy especially if I'm stitching with white but once I'm done with it and I stop looking at it constantly my stitches look neat again. It could be that you are your worse critic and your stitches are just fine :-)