Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off To Disney We Go!

Well tomorrow is Bonnie's birthday and it looks as if our trip to Disney is still on. Milsey is doing much better and he swears up and down that he will be able to go on our trip. Bonnie is thrilled to say the least. I must admit that I need this mini vacation in the worst way. I have been very mopey for the past month and things (crossed fingers) are starting to look up. Please keep me in your thoughts over the next few days as something very important should happen to make the situation better. Ethan gave Bonnie a diamond Eiffel Tower (she wants to go to Paris for her sixteenth birthday) necklace as an early gift today and she loves it. He was so proud when we purchased it today at the jewelry counter of a local department store. He even carried it into the grocery store when we went to pick up Bonnie's cake so that the necklace would be safe.

As for my stitching rut, I have been working on a pinkeep kit that I purchased from Mary Kathryn over at Handcrafts Online (it's the one with the teacup). Hopefully I will finish stitching on it tonight or tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who left kind comments regarding my rut. You truly encouraged me to pick up my needle again and stitch something just for me! 

We are going on a outing tonight to Walmart so that our housekeeper Leslianne can pick up something for Bonnie's birthday. I bought a cake with whipped cream icing and lots of pink roses. Just what the birthday girl requested. Leslianne has made Bonnie's favorite chicken parmesean with angel hair and sugar snap peas. Tomorrow we will have her favorite lunch of tacos and then off to her favorite restaurant for dinner on our way out of town. My mother bought her a pair of earings in her birthstone which is topaz and I am giving her some craft kits, a necklace, a gift certificate for clothes and one from her favorite knitting shop and a dvd. Milsey is giving her the trip to Disney. I think that she will have a nice birthday! Talk more later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm In A Rut...

I want to stitch. I mean I really really do, but I think that I am in a stitching rut! All I have been doing since May is stitching for exchanges. I haven't stitched a single thing for myself. Okay I did stitch a pyn pillow for me, but I ended up giving it away in another exchange. I need help! I even joined a blog designed for motivation of procrastinators and serial starters. It's not helping. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Trust me when I say that it isn't due to lack of projects. I have soooooooo much stash. If it were a bra, June would definitely be bustin' out all over. I just don't feel like stitching. I have two exchanges due after the start of the year, but I just can't motivate myself to pull out something and work on it. I really am overthinking this aren't I? Help!!!!!!

It's Been A Long Time...

I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. It's been a rough several weeks at the Varnell-Miller house. Milsey is sick with what we think is pneumonia but in typical male fashion, he will not go to the doctor. Our daughter Bonnie's twelfth birthday is next Friday and we are supposed to attend ABC's Super Soap Weekend at Walt Disney World. I don't know how we are going to do it. Milsey swears that he will be okay, but I wonder. I have been going through a rough patch lately with some family stuff and so it has been downright gloomy around here. 

I have finished the six pieces that I needed to stitch for the holiday exchanges that I am in. I am so happy to be finished! Now all I have to do is gather up some goodies to include and mail everything. I wish that I had pictures to show, but everything must be kept a secret for now.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we need some good vibes circulating around here. I leave you with a picture of my son the werepire (cross between a werewolf and a vampire) courtesy of my husband's makeup magic.