Monday, May 12, 2008

Biscornu Finish

I finished stitching my first biscornu today, and I must say that I think that it is just lovely. I used variegated silks and it turned out better than I expected. I want to do Barbara Ana's "Spring Biscornu", but I will have to order fabric from Sassy's Fabbys in order to get the desired effect. That's just fine with me because their fabrics are gorgeous. I stared working on the LHN piece that I am doing for my HoE exchange. I know that you are supposed to work 2 over 2 on 32 count fabric, but my stitches looked so bunchy - so I am stitching with only one strand of floss. Hopefully my partner won't mind. I am such a perfectionist and I wanted it to look perfect.

I finished packing Ethan's room last night and I am very proud of the progress that I am making. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday stitching and watching movies with dd. Almost all of the channels that we watch were having Mother's Day marathons, so the selection was fabulous. Milsey had to work all weekend, so we will have our Mother's Day celebration next week sometime. Well it's late and I can catch a couple of hours of sleep before the day gets underway. Goodnight!

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Melissa said...

Congrats on finishing the biscornu. Also on continuing the packing. Packing is just the worst part of the moving process. Next to unpacking. LOL