Monday, May 19, 2008

New Sweet Treat And 18 Days!

The new block for Country Cottage Needleworks' "Sweet Treats" came in the mail today. This month's block is called "Ice Cream". I really need to get working on this piece, but I am trying not to start anything BIG before the move. I finished the first round of pieces for my May/June exchanges. I have now started working on the July/August ones. I am currently stitching an ornament for an ornament exchange. The only problem is that I accidentally packed one of the flosses that I need to finish it. I am going to try to find it tonight! We officially have 18 days until the big move and my house is completely in boxes. We finished the storage room today and now all that's left is the kitchen and Milsey's office space (but I will leave that up to him). Milsey is looking to purchase a car, and so we went to sit in a VW Bug tonight before dinner. We all fit in it, but it was a little like fitting a bunch of clowns into a car-ha ha! We might get something when we move, but I am sure that we will wait because we don't want to put all those move miles on a car. Well I haven't felt all that great for the past few days, and Bonnie and I are going to drive to The Mannings tomorrow. The Mannings is a spinning/weaving/knitting shop about an hour away. I gave Bonnie a gift certificate for Christmas, and now we have to use it before we move. There is a little diner close by, so I promised to take her there for lunch. For those of you who don't know me, Bonnie is eleven and is a very experienced knitter. She knits socks, sweaters and just about anything that she can get her hands on these days. I promised her a set of interchangeable, circular needles and some kid mohair and cotton yarn for a sweater that she wants to knit for herself. We will see what other "treasures" we come home with! Well, that's it for me tonight. More later!


Paula C. said...

Sounds like you and Bonnie have a fun trip planned> I am guessing that she is your daughter? How wonderful that she is such a proficient knitter at such a young age! Don't forget to take some time for yourself in between all the moving preparations!!! You will be much more relaxed =)

Nicole said...

I love your new blog look! It's so cute! :) I have seen the Anne of Green Gables movies (I love them). I'm listening to the books again and I'm amazed at how much I had forgotten. I was crying in my car today when Matthew died. It was so sad. Thank you for the very nice comment on my blog! I need to catch up on reading yours! :)