Wednesday, May 7, 2008

28 Days And Counting!

I received the items that I ordered from The Online Needlework Show and few other things that I had ordered a while ago. A Sajou thread keep, Sajou bobbins, 2 flip flop thread drops, 2 needle minders from Kelmscott, Barbara Ana "Summer Biscornu", fabric gauge, a new pair of Dovo scissors, and 2 Kelmscott mother-of-pearl thread keeps.

I also received a wooden ruler/thread keep, Just Nan "Over The Top" and "In The Tin", Little House Needleworks' "Needlework School" and "Garden Pleasures", JBW Designs' "Baseball", "Princess" and "A Very Merry Christmas", JBW pillows for finishing, 32 count Natural Belfast linen, 28 count Cream Cashel linen, 32 count Lambswool linen, and a wooden tape measure from Sajou. Quite a lot of stash. But that's it for me. I am now on my stash diet until we move. I hope I can make it!

I started on a biscornu for my ILCS (I Love Cross Stitch) group biscornu exchange. It's a secret so I can't give any information about it. I will tell you this, the fabric the I dyed myself, came out a pretty mint green. I am using this for the exchange. I hope that my partner will really like it.

Lisa (our housekeeper) and I started packing up DD's room yesterday and are a little over half finished. We spend about an hour a day packing, and hopefully we will finish by the first week of June. I have been using plastic Rubbermaid bins so far, but tonight Milsey is taking me to get cardboard boxes/tape/bubble wrap/newsprint at the moving store. I hope to finish Bonnie's (DD) room by Friday and then move on and finish Ethan's (DS) room by the middle of next week. I have found some things to give away to Goodwill, and I am sure that I will have a carload of donations by the time we are finished packing. As of tomorrow, we will have four weeks until we move - that's 28 days and counting folks! Okay well, we are off to buy boxes. Ciao!

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