Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busy Weekend For Me...

And that means that there isn't much stitching going on around here. First of all, I am spending more time blogging and reading Yahoo BB emails than I am stitching. I know that I said that I needed to find a balance, but that hasn't happened yet. DD has her final piano/voice recital tomorrow, and so we spent Saturday morning at rehearsals. Milsey took me shopping for some more summer clothes today. Next week I will purchase some new sandals and then, I think other than a new bathing suit and a couple of pairs of shorts, I will be all set for Florida. My Mother went to her LNS today and picked up some of the items that I ordered from the Online Needlework Show. Everything will be here sometime next week and I will post photos then. I have been wanting to get a bread machine, and so after much searching, I found what I want and will probably order one next week or the week after. We would really like to have fresh bread every day, and a bread maker will make that easier. Tomorrow is the BIG recital, and we have to go to the florist to pick-up the flowers that I ordered for DD. She's nervous, and I don't want a repeat of what happened in the fall. Here's the scoop: she stood up to sing and I could tell by the expression on her face that she was not a happy camper. Anyway, she froze and burst into tears. Her teacher has been inviting her to sing since then at mini recitals in order to build up her confidence. Hopefully, she will be okay.

I have a few packages of stash coming in the mail next week, and then I am on a bit of a stash diet until we move the first week of June. Milsey says that he is only taking what we have in the house now, and nothing more. Lord help me, but I will tighten my belt just this once. I am going to make an end-of-the-month plea for the new LHN and CCN designs so stay tuned for more information. That's it for me for now, write more later!

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