Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Anticipation Of Bird Babies

I have lots to share with all of you today! Like my dear friend Wawanna, Bonnie and I are bird mamas too! The pool man rang the doorbell on Monday and when I opened the door, a bird flew out of the wreath that I have on my front door. After closer examination by the children, we discovered that a mama bird has made her nest in my wreath. It is tucked very well into the branches of the wreath and is almost invisible unless you are looking for it. I have taken two pictures, but I don't know if you can really see it. I can't really even tell if there are eggs in the nest yet, but mama bird sits patiently in anticipation of bird babies (look closely in picture two for mama bird).

I also forgot to post a pic of an Easter project that I completed. It is a kit by Lizzie Kate and it stitched up very quickly.

I haven't been happy with how "Lo" has been stitching up and am afraid that I have lost my stitching mojo again. Milsey thinks that I should switch to something else so that I don't totally lose it. I have been on a roll and have completed three small/medium projects in two weeks time. I really do like "Lo" but it is very slow going what with all of the thread changes from letter to letter.

Bonnie made a sweater for Pickles a while back and I forgot to share. Seeing as it has been a long time since I posted Pickle pics, I thought that you would enjoy seeing how he is doing. I'm off to look through my stash to find a new project. Wish me luck!


Brenda Lou said...

How adorable!!! Hope you see babies flying out of there soon!

Wawanna said...

Congratulations to the next Bird Mama! We should start a club! Pickels is just the cutest thing ever and his sweater is wild! My bird babies have left the nest as of this afternoon. They were there this mornng, gone this afternoon. Mamma has them out for some flying lessions!

Carol R said...

How sweet to see the Mama peeking out! Our neighbour has a nest in his satellite dish - so cute.

Pickles is growing - another little sweetie!

Jennifer said...

hey, I was visiting your blog and just love you pictures. Funny, because your dog, Pickles looks exactly my dog Ren did about 14 years ago. Ren is almost 16, I"m not kidding. He is gray and bald and you can see pictures of him on my blog. Love your needlebook and pincushion you got. Great Blog!
Jennifer D