Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beautiful Music

My sweet Bonnie had her piano recital today. Milsey and I bought her a new dress and shoes and we took her to have her hair fixed for the event. Earlier this week, I ordered a wrist corsage to match her dress. She was so excited about having a special day and I wanted for it to be perfect for her. She looked lovely and her actual piano playing was perfect. Can you tell that I am a proud mama? Sometime next week I will upload the video of her portion of the recital. For now, pictures will have to do. The second picture is of Bonnie and her piano teacher.


Carol R said...

Bonnie looks very beautiful in her new dress and shoes and with her new hairdo looks very grown up. They don't stay babies for long enough!

Wawanna said...

Bonnie looks like a dream, a real angel. Yes, she does look very grown up - a teenager for sure, and a beautiful one at that! Congratulations Bonnie, for your awesome success! Your dress is delightful, absolutely perfect for the occasion.

Vonna said...

How BEAUTIFUL Miss Bonnie looks playing the piano! I'm sure she sounded beautiful too :)