Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here I Sit...

It's almost 2:30 here and dd and ds are fast asleep. My mother always tells me that if I stay up while the children are sleeping, then they are gaining hours on me. In other words, they will be wide awake while I can barely keep my eyes open. Anyway, I can't sleep and I feel rather blucky (combination of blah and yucky). I decided not to starts Mimi's Tape Measure, and have been trying to decide which project to start. I have an entire file cabinet drawer filled with Shepherd's Bush and two file cabinets filled with stash, and yet I cannot find a single project on which to start. Crazy? Of course it is! I've been reading other stitcher's blogs and have found some items that others have finished that I happen to have, and so I have a few ideas. I was on a roll for awhile and have recently finished one piece (Ice Cream Sundae by Country Cottage Needleworks). I am working on Miss Mary Mack by La D Da , and have added a little twist to the project. I will post more later regarding this piece. I will, however, post a pic of the front panel of this project over the weekend.

I'm watching Big Brother After Dark, and it's almost over. So, I guess that I should turn out the light and try to sleep. DH promised to teach me how to upload pictures onto my blog today, so I am very excited. I will post later.


Nicole said...

Hello! Sorry you couldn't sleep! Don't worry you are not alone. I go through that all the time. I have a ton of stash and yet there are times when I can't find anything that I'd like to stitch. So sad!

About your question regarding the tea and coffee silk packs. Yes, I used two strands instead of one and I did have to borrow some thread from another pack to finish. On the tea I needed more white and on the coffee I needed more black. But other than that it was fine. I have done one with one strand and I do like it. It's a softer look. So I guess it just depends on what look you are going for. Hope this helps! :)


bonnie said...

(+'.'+) this is a bunny