Friday, April 25, 2008

What A Day, What A Day...

Last night my husband tried to help me sew the pieces that I made for my tea swap into tuck-a-ways. After several hours, we ended up making more of a mess than anything else. So off I went this morning to my local frame shop hoping that someone might be able to rescue me. Everyone was so helpful, and two hours later I walked out of the shop with both of my pieces framed by me! Actually, I had a lot of help, but I feel so proud of myself. I then realized that I had forgotten to eat lunch, so after a quick trip to a local tea shop for a new gadget, dd and I had a leisurely lunch of salad and gourmet pizza. Later on Milsey took me to the UPS store to ship six (yes six) packages hither and yon. I did however, just realize that I forgot to take pictures of the framed pieces. Here's hoping that my swap mates will send pictures so that I may post my latest finishes.

Last night (after the tuck-a-way debacle) I started on a freebie called Lovebird by Midsummer Night Designs. It's adorable and such fun to stitch. I will post pictures of my progress tomorrow. Well, I'm really tired from my busy day, so I will end this post. Write more later!


Marie-P said...

Found my way here by way of CathyB~
I am so impressed with the fact that your husband assisted you with your finishing. Sorry the tuck pillow did not work out but I do look forward to seeing a picture of the framed piece.
Hope that you got some rest!

Cindy said...

I also followed the link on CathyB's blog :)

I have a little tutorial on my blog for finishing into a pillow. It gives the look of a tuck pillow, but for me it's easier.

Which LHN freebies are you looking for?

CraftyT said...

I am also a follower :) I was directed her from CathyB's blog.

I am so enjoying your BLOG. Look forward to the post of the Lovebird freebie.

Happy Stitching

Yuko said...

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Take care!

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