Friday, April 11, 2008

Hooray For Me...

Two of my packages arrived in the mail today! The first contained a sterling silver thread cutter, a handmade needle case, some new stitching projects, a Tacky Bob to hold beads, an ort (old raggedy threads) collector, some Mary Engelbreit file folders and a few free patterns. The second package included some thread drops and a fiber hider. I am so excited and will definitely post pictures over the weekend. I still have a few items on the way and can't wait for them to arrive hopefully sometime next week.

DD and I went to the farmer's market today and had lunch, picked up some homemade bread, farm fresh eggs, cupcakes, fruit licorice and some goodies for Milsey. I love to go to the market on Fridays, but I don't get there as often as I would like. Milsey found three markets located close to where we will be moving in June. I will definitely have to pop on over and see what they have to offer in the way of fresh produce and other yummies.

As for my WIP, I'm not happy with the way that it has turned out so I must do a bit of frogging and try a fresh start. I do, however, need my stitching fix so I will start a little project later tonight. My new project is called Mimi's Tape Measure by Olde Colonial Designs. I will post pics when I start making some progress.

I had my nails done today and, as always, Jody made me feel better than I did when I walked in. DD wants to learn how to do nails, so Jody has graciously agreed to teach her next week. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend and I know that I will never find another like her. I only have a handful of appointments with Jo before I leave for Florida, and am sure that it will take forever for me to find someone to cater to me the Queen of Persnickity (sp?). I sure will miss our weekly appointments/chat sessions.

Well, I guess that that's it for me tonight. It's storming much right now and the lightning has set my teeth on edge. Oh well, I guess we can always use the rain and it is springtime after all. Hugs to all who read.

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