Monday, June 30, 2008

Ornament Exchange

I received my ornament today from Cathy B in the Xmas Ornament Exchange. She stitched an ornament from the 2007 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. This one is from Scandinavian Stitches. She also sent a pattern for another ornament from Stone and Thread call "Snowed In", a pair of DMC marbleized scissors, 28 count Antique Ivory Jobelan and 28 count Dusty Green Jobelan. I love everything. Thank you so much Cathy!

I sent out my HoE LHN exchange today. Our partners are a secret, so I will have to wait until she receives her package before I can post anything else on the subject. I have to send out my ornie for the Xmas Ornament Exchange tomorrow. I think that my ornament turned out just adorable. I really hope that my partner likes it too.

We had someone come to interview for the live-in position today. She wanted almost twice what we were offering as a salary. Sometimes I think that some people don't even take into account the fact that we are offering full room and board - including all expenses - in addition to the salary. I don't think that I would have the nerve to ask for a HUGE salary on top of that. Oh well, that's just me. We have someone else coming on Thursday who seems to be a bit more reasonable when it comes to the terms of the position. Keep your fingers crossed that we all like each other. I'm off to stitch for awhile.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fair And Square Exchange

I received my Fair and Square squares from my partner Brenda on Saturday. I have been nursing a cold so it has taken a little more time than usual for me to post pictures. She sent a beaded scissor fob that says "hope" at the bottom, a Lizzie Kate pattern entitled "Good Things" and a skein of The Dye Is Cast overdyed floss in the shade Grape Frost. I love all of the treats that she sent. I sent her package out on Monday and am waiting to hear what she thinks of her squares and goodies.

This picture is of the squares that she stitched for me. I think that I am going to make a quilt or a wall hanging out of the squares that I collect from this and future exchanges. I adore everything, thanks Brenda!

We are still on the hunt for a live-in housekeeper/cook. I know that the right person is out there somewhere. Until then, I am wearing myself out trying to take care of everything by myself. I cooked a big meal tonight, which is rare for me because I can't stand in the kitchen for very long. I went and had my hair cut today and a manicure/pedicure. The people at the salon were so friendly and offered a lot of suggestions for places to visit, activities for the 4th of July, and doctors and such. I can't get over how different people are here. Everyone says hello to everyone, and people are just so darn friendly. I love it! On the stitching front, I have to get moving on my HoE Summer Quaker Exchange. I have just the design to stitch picked out, at least I think that I do. I have it narrowed down to two patterns, I just need to make up my mind and soon. My parents came to Jacksonville last weekend, and so, after we had the tires replaced on the van, we spent the rest of the evening with my mother. My father had some business to attend to, and so we ate dinner with my mother alone. They will come out to see the house when we are finished with the decorating. Well, I am tired so I will write more later. Goodnight all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Biscornu Exchange And The New House

I received my first biscornu in the mail all the way from Australia. My swap partner was Gabi and I think that the biscornu that she made for me is lovely. It is sitting on my bedside table so that I can see it while I am stitching and working on the computer. She also sent me some beads and a skein of Dinky-Dyes silk in the colour Billabong. Thanks so much Gabi, I will treasure everything always.

This is a picture of the new house. It is a typical Florida ranch-style home. We love it and we have tons of room for my stash, oh and the rest of the family too!

I just love the trees here in North Florida. They are draped in moss - very Southern-looking.

This is where the children spend most of their time. I grew up with a pool and now my children can too! I am sorry that I have been so lax with my blog posting. I have been cleaning, unpacking and organizing everything. It's amazing the amount of "stuff" you accumulate over the years. I am slowly but surely getting the house in order. We are having a maid service come to clean tomorrow, so that's a load off of my shoulders. We are still on the hunt for a "live-in", Milsey put an add in the paper that will run on Sunday. Hopefully we will find the perfect person for the position. I have to be really choicy as my mother would tease, because this person will be around my children. I know that the perfect person is out there, I just have to find he/she. As for the stitching, I have been a very bad stitcher. I have put it off for the past week and now I am down to the wire on my exchanges. Hopefully once we get furniture and the decorating is finished, I will relax and start up with my regular routine. Wish me luck. I put in a big order at my favourite online needlework shop and so I will be sure to post pictures of my new stash when it arrives next week. Milsey promised to take me to the LNS in Jacksonville this weekend, so I will let you know how it is. My grandmother used to take me there when I was first married, so I am anxious to return. Well I need to get stitching, write more later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Biscornu Exchange

My partner in the I love Cross Stitch biscornu exchange finally received her package and so I can now post a picture. I sent her biscornu made from a Quaker freebie that I found on the internet. I also sent her some handmade soap, body lotion and some cashew brittle - all made in Pennsylvania. She said that she likes everything, and I am very glad. Enjoy Gabi!

We are finally here in Florida and I have to tell you that I am completely worn out. I am slowly progressing on unpacking, but the previous owner left everything really untidy so I am having to clean before I can put things away. The children are having a ball swimming everyday and they played on the beach for the first time since Ethan was a baby. I can tell that I am going to enjoy having such a big house. We are purchasing all new furniture except for the master bedroom and dd's room. I am so excited! I think that my husband is even going to get a flat screen television for the living room. The housekeeper's quarters are really nice and are very roomy. We are still on the hunt for a housekeeper/cook to live with us.

On the stitching front, I have not picked up a needle since we moved last week. I have to get stitching otherwise I will be late for Fair and Square. Well I have to get some rest so that I can continue unpacking tomorrow. Write more later!

Friday, June 6, 2008

We Did It!!

Well we moved today! It was sooooo much work and we had a bumpy day, but we did it. We were not able to get everything into the truck, so we gave a few non-essential items away. It took the movers almost ten hours to get everything loaded and with only inches to spare, we left Harrisburg at just after 8:00 this evening. We decided to stop only a few miles down the road and will do the bulk of the driving tomorrow. My feet are so sore and we are all exhausted, so this will be a short post. Not much stitching going on around here. Hopefully I will get some in tomorrow when we stop for the night. Thanks to all who have left kind comments concerning my father's health and safe wishes for our trip.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Days

Hello dear friends! I wanted to let everyone know that my father's cancer is operable. He will have surgery soon to remove the affected area. From what I understand he will NOT have to undergo chemotherapy. If the cancer should re-occur, he will have radiation therapy. The prognosis is very good.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Pennsylvania before our move on Friday. I worked my you-know-what off today finishing the final packing. I have to do the laundry tomorrow and then pack some lamps and the printer and then I will be finished!

On the stitching front, I am working on my squares for round #7 of Fair and Square. Hopefully I will have enough time over the weekend to finish everything. I hope the lighting in the hotels is sufficient because I already packed my OTT light and I have absolutely no idea where it is! Once I am finished with the exchanges that I am participating in, I will probably not sign up for so many. I have been going crazy will all of the work it takes to fulfill the exchanges. Don't get me wrong, I love giving and receiving - but with the move, I have been going bazooky.

I am taking my computer on the road, so I will probably be able to check my mail and blog a little while in the hotels. If I can't, I will write when I get to F L O R I D A!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Home Stretch

There are only four more days until we move to Florida! Tomorrow we will pack Milsey's office and then all we have to do is wrap up any loose ends. Milsey says that there are items in each room that have somehow missed being packed into boxes, so we will have to go from room to room and pack any stray items.

I've had some bad news tonight, My father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He will go to a specialist tomorrow so that he can learn of his prognosis. My mother is really worried and frankly I don't know how to feel. He doesn't know that I know, and so I will wait for him to tell me in his own time. Luckily with this move, we will be closer to my parents, and hopefully we will all be able to spend more time with them. Dear friends, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Tomorrow I will start on my Fair and Square squares for round #7. I must say that I don't feel much like stitching, but it has always been my solace in times of trouble. Perhaps my stitching will bring me some much needed comfort. Please accept my apologies for the somber tone of this post, but as this blog is a journal of sorts, I thought it only fitting that I should share even the low times in my life. I will keep you posted on any updates concerning my father's health. Thank you for your time.