Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Biscornu Exchange And The New House

I received my first biscornu in the mail all the way from Australia. My swap partner was Gabi and I think that the biscornu that she made for me is lovely. It is sitting on my bedside table so that I can see it while I am stitching and working on the computer. She also sent me some beads and a skein of Dinky-Dyes silk in the colour Billabong. Thanks so much Gabi, I will treasure everything always.

This is a picture of the new house. It is a typical Florida ranch-style home. We love it and we have tons of room for my stash, oh and the rest of the family too!

I just love the trees here in North Florida. They are draped in moss - very Southern-looking.

This is where the children spend most of their time. I grew up with a pool and now my children can too! I am sorry that I have been so lax with my blog posting. I have been cleaning, unpacking and organizing everything. It's amazing the amount of "stuff" you accumulate over the years. I am slowly but surely getting the house in order. We are having a maid service come to clean tomorrow, so that's a load off of my shoulders. We are still on the hunt for a "live-in", Milsey put an add in the paper that will run on Sunday. Hopefully we will find the perfect person for the position. I have to be really choicy as my mother would tease, because this person will be around my children. I know that the perfect person is out there, I just have to find he/she. As for the stitching, I have been a very bad stitcher. I have put it off for the past week and now I am down to the wire on my exchanges. Hopefully once we get furniture and the decorating is finished, I will relax and start up with my regular routine. Wish me luck. I put in a big order at my favourite online needlework shop and so I will be sure to post pictures of my new stash when it arrives next week. Milsey promised to take me to the LNS in Jacksonville this weekend, so I will let you know how it is. My grandmother used to take me there when I was first married, so I am anxious to return. Well I need to get stitching, write more later.


Nancy said...

Your house looks lovely. What part of Florida did you move? I just had a vacation in Destin and Westin (different vacations) and I liked Destin much better. It's in the pan handle on the coast. Good luck getting things back in order and on a routine again

CraftyT said...

I agree those trees are lovely.I have to admit I came across your blog a few months back and you seemed to be very orignized in your packing. WHat is your secret LOL I am moving in 1 month. It was a last minute move and now the clock is ticking.

Carol R said...

Nice exchange from Gabi.
Your new home is lovely - sigh - I want to live in Florida! Did you get your 'stitching studio' set up?

jody said...

What a beautiful home. I agree, I love the trees! I am so glad that you are getting settled in and that the children are enjoying themselves. (sigh) Miss you mega much!
Can I be your housekeeper? lol


Jessie said...

this is my first visit to your blog. It's a sweet and lovely blog.
You have a beautiful home.

Espresso Girlie said...

Your house looks beautiful. I just adore anything southern and your trees are perfect. How wonderful that you have such a lovely pool to enjoy. Moving is both exciting and exhausting; try to find time for yourself too.

monique said...

Oh wow... I love your backyard! Pretty home, congratulations :)

Sonda in OR said...

Lovely exchanges, both sent and received! Enjoy your new home and that wonderful pool!!

Addicted to crafts said...

The biscornu is beautiful. You have a lovely home.

Carol said...

Such a pretty biscornu - and boy does that pool look inviting!

Robyn in Oz said...

Gabi certainly made a pretty biscornu for you. Love Martina's designs.
Enjoy your new home too.