Thursday, June 12, 2008

Biscornu Exchange

My partner in the I love Cross Stitch biscornu exchange finally received her package and so I can now post a picture. I sent her biscornu made from a Quaker freebie that I found on the internet. I also sent her some handmade soap, body lotion and some cashew brittle - all made in Pennsylvania. She said that she likes everything, and I am very glad. Enjoy Gabi!

We are finally here in Florida and I have to tell you that I am completely worn out. I am slowly progressing on unpacking, but the previous owner left everything really untidy so I am having to clean before I can put things away. The children are having a ball swimming everyday and they played on the beach for the first time since Ethan was a baby. I can tell that I am going to enjoy having such a big house. We are purchasing all new furniture except for the master bedroom and dd's room. I am so excited! I think that my husband is even going to get a flat screen television for the living room. The housekeeper's quarters are really nice and are very roomy. We are still on the hunt for a housekeeper/cook to live with us.

On the stitching front, I have not picked up a needle since we moved last week. I have to get stitching otherwise I will be late for Fair and Square. Well I have to get some rest so that I can continue unpacking tomorrow. Write more later!


Miss 376 said...

So glad you have arrived safely. It's horrible when you have to clean up after someone else, but at least you'll know it is clean. And what a lovely gift.

Carol R said...

Lovely exchange.

Glad you arrived safe ad sound in Fl. Your new house sounds lovely and I look forward to seeing some photos.

I was contemplating applying for the housekeeper's job but I think we would spend all the time stitching so the housekeeper would need a housekeeper :o)

I hope you all will be very happy in your new home

Gabriele said...

Liking is an I LOVE the biscornu I received and I am most delighted with the soap and cream as well. Because of being allergic against some preservatives I'm very happy with these hand made products. And they smell delicious. :)


Sharon said...

gorgeous exchange! Glad to hear that your move went well.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the biscornu you chose to stitch! The colors are lovely - what floss did you use? brdstitcher at gmail dot com