Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stash Stash And More Stash

I received tons of stash in the mail today, and I promise promise promise that I will post pictures tomorrow. I also started a different Halloween ornie today as the Prairie Schooler one that I was stitching was soooo not working out for me. I had to stash it in my UFO pile for now. I hate to admit it but I am not a huge Prairie Schooler fan. I like some of their stuff, but not all of it. I have been working on a lot of "committment stitching" - that's what I call stitching for exchanges. I love love love the ornie that I am stitching for a personal Halloween exchange, and I bought everything to do it multiple times. It is working up so nicely and is a very fun stitch.

Tropical storm Hanna is likely to move this way by the end of the week and yes I am totally FREAKING out! One again, we went to the market today to replenish what we used after TS Fay. Let's just pray that the power doesn't go out beacause if it does, the water goes out too. If you read my blog then you know the drill. 

Well, I am off to stitch! Ciao!


mercy said...

Good Luck on your commitment stitching...I have a lot of that to do also and one of the exchanges I'm doing is PS also and I just can't find anything to stitch that I want to stitch LOL.

Can't wait to see your Halloween ornament...I luv Halloween!!!
Hope the storm isn't too bad!

Miss 376 said...

Hope you are ok through the storm.

CraftyT said...

I hope the strom is not super bad. It is suppose to come up through charleston and columbia area and I am not use to this kind of weather.
We are an electric house and is the powere goes so dose our water...Keeping you in my thoughts for this storm to pass through quielty and quickly

Carol R said...

Will be thinking of you so keep safe from the storm.
I hope the power stays on - we girlies are nothing without our power!

Sonda in OR said...

Hope the storm just blows over with nary a worry for you!