Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurricane Fay This Way Comes!

Hurricane Fay is slated to come within fifty miles of Amelia Island and I am FREAKING OUT! My husband says that we will get the eastern half (which is touted as being the worst part) of the storm. Milsey says the storm is supposed to be coming in as a category 1 maybe 2 storm. Normally, I would simply be worried but I am going out of my mind over this one. Here's why: Last week we had a very minor thunderstorm and the power went out for almost nine hours. We are on well water and the pump is powered electrically. Therefore, we were without water. Over that, I will freak out. Yes we can flush the toilet with pool water and with a little foresight, we can fill up the tubs and buckets and wash up and cook and clean with that water. Roughing it for me is a hotel without room service. I don't camp out and I don't want to start now. I know that I sound snobby but I am so not an outdoorsy person. I am dreading this storm and until it is over, I will have a knot in the pit of my stomach. Any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. We spent the day stocking up on lanterns, batteries and water. Tomorrow Leslie Anne and I will grocery shop our little hearts out in preparation for what should happen Tuesday or Wednesday. We have gas appliances and a grill, so the eating portion of the program should be a snap.

My father received his blood tests back late last week and everything seems to be okay. His numbers are low (which is good so I'm told) and therefore he should only need to be retested every year. So I feel that a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my chest for the time being. Thanks again to those who have kept my family in their thoughts and prayers over the last few months.

I went to my LNS on Saturday. And I was so disappointed by their selection. I think that they would much rather be a needlepoint/knitting shop. Cross stitch seems to be an afterthought. I guess I will have to be satisfied with ordering from my favourite ONS. I put in a phone order with them over the weekend, so I should be receiving some goodies in the mail over the next few weeks. Promise promise promise to share pics with all of you. I have been so lax with posts and pictures over the summer, but I am sure that you can understand why. I have just been so preoccupied with the move and my father. Well that's all for me! I will try (power permitting) to keep all of you apprised of what is going on weather-wise with the Varnell-Miller family. Ciao!


Gabi said...

Hopefully the storm will be soon over without creating any hassle for you. I'll cross fingers here :)

Carol R said...

You sound like me - no electricity means no hair straighteners! Maybe a generator is the way to go? I have been in Florida for two hurricanes now and I actually enjoyed them - am I weird or what? Anyway keep safe Amy.

Good new on your father - tell him we are all praying for him.

CraftyT said...

We have a whole house that runs on electricity :(

Have some card games on hand so when and if the power dose go out sit around with the kids and play a fun game of cards it will help keep your mind off the storm.

Will be keeping in my thoughts that ya'll are sfe and the storm dose pass quickly. Hopefully we here in South Carolina get some of the rain form this strom. Fingers crossed

jody said...

Good new on your dad, I am so glad to hear that he is doing very well.. On the Storm Front, Maybe the storm will blow you my way!..camping is not that bad, just takes some getting used to!

I am glad that you are settled in to your new home!

Miss you mega much!

Nancy said...

Hope the big part of the storm missed you. I was watching the radar yesterday and it was way south in Florida. Good news on your Dad.