Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nothing To Show

Howdy Folks, how have you been? Surprised to hear from me? I know I know, I should have posted a long time ago! The last four weeks have been a blur. I returned home from Myrtle Beach only to find that the air conditioning was on the fritz. More like totally out, kaput! It took two weeks to get new parts and finally last Saturday the air, along with my sanity, was restored. I am not a happy person when I am hot and to say that I was a little itchy minus the b would be an understatement. Poor Milsey had to go out and purchase a window unit to cool down our bedroom so that we could get a little respite from the heat. Yes I know that I am over-dramatizing this and it certainly wasn't the middle of summer, but hot is hot and I was H O T! Anyway that's one crisis averted. Interspersed between drama filled days, was preparing for Miss Bonnie's thirteenth birthday. She turned thirteen yesterday and had a wonderful birthday week thanks to a doting Mommy and Daddy. She received an acoustic guitar with all the accouterments, contact lenses, and her very own debit card to make her feel extra grown up. We went out for a fancy dinner last night and came home to cake. We will more-than-likely take her to the midnight showing of New Moon next week so she can spend the evening with her one true love Edward Cullen. I'm a Team Jacob girl myself, and I was promptly informed that I am the only member of that team!

I have been fast and furiously stitching on ornaments for exchanges, my tree and on gifts for family and friends, most of whom read this blog so sorry no pics! I just wanted to check in and say hello! Have a wonderful week!

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