Saturday, October 3, 2009

End Of Summer Colds and Fall Stiching

It has been a rough couple of weeks around here what with all of us having end of summer colds and all. Finally went to the doctor for something totally unrelated and ended up on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. I have been on the medication since last Wednesday and am feeling sooooo much better. We have been staying home a lot lately and I have been stitching up a storm. I finished two projects over the last week or so. The first is a Little House Needleworks piece called "Love One Another" and the second one is a La D Da piece from this year's Just Cross Stitch Halloween ornament issue.

Early this morning, we went to Jacksonville for an Herb Festival. I bought a bunch of herb plants for my fall herb garden. I sure hope that they do well. I have decided to attend the Pals Fall Fling in Myrtle Beach this year and can hardly wait. There are only about two and a half weeks until the retreat and I am so excited. This will be my first stitching retreat. I hope to make many new friends and get a lot of stitching accomplished (probably more talking than stitching). Well not much else is going on, have a wonderful weekend!


J Rae said...

Your Love One Another piece looks great! Reminds me of Bella & Edward. And, yes, Jacob does look very yummy in the new poster!!!

I love all your Halloween stitching. Makes me want to dig out some myself. Haven't had any time for it this year and I absolutely love stitching Halloween stuff in October.

staci said...

Congrats on the really cute finishes! I can't wait to see how you finish-finish them.

I've never heard of an herb festival before, sounds fun (and fragrant!)

Carol R said...

Great stitching Amy!

The other Amy has been trying to persuade me to go the Pals Fall Fling - it's a shame that flights are so expensive otherwise I would be there! Have a great time.

Wawanna said...

Your stitching looks great! You are really & truly back to stitching again. So pleased everyone is feeling better - you included. Keep at it & who knows how much you will get done! Hope to hear from you soon, I know you have been busy.

Cindy's Stitching said...

my first visit. You have a lot of nice finished projects. The Halloween ones are just great.