Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We just arrived home from Orlando. My father made it through the surgery with flying colours. Now the hard part - we have to wait for five days until the pathology results come back as to whether the cancer has spread or if they removed it all when the doctor removed the prostate. My mother is a wreck, she thought that once the surgery was over then they were in the clear. Please keep my father in your prayers. If the results come back that the cancer has spread, then he will have to undergo chemotherapy and possibly radiation treatment. My heart is very heavy right now. I can't imagine my life without my father. More importantly, I think that my mother would be heartbroken without him.

As for stitching, well I stitched on the trip down to Orlando but I haven't worked on anything else. My heart is not in it. Milsey says that perhaps it would make me feel better, but somehow I don't think so. Maybe tonight while I immerse myself in Big Brother 10 and General Hospital. We shall see. Talk more later.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Alive

Sorry that I haven't posted in some time. I have been really busy over the past few weeks. First off, we are going to Orlando on Monday with my parents in order for my father to have surgery to remove the cancerous prostate that was discovered a few months ago. My husband knew that I was nervous for my father and thought that my mother could use a shoulder to lean on during his hospital stay. I can tell that he is nervous, but I think that spending time with the children will lift his spirits and help to calm his nerves.

We FINALLY found a live-in. Her name is Leslie Anne and so far everything is working out just fine. She is an amazing cook and a very hard worker. My house is clean and we are eating better than we have in a very long time. Cross your fingers that this situation will work out.

On the stitching front. I have participated in and received several exchanges over the past few weeks. I was in a HoE LHN exchange with Paula Crossen. She tells me that she likes the pinkeep that I sent along with a pattern from her wish list and a few other goodies. She sent me a lovely pinkeep, journal, pins for finishing and a few other treats. Thanks Paula, I love everything! Next up was the Chatty Stitcher's Exchangers' Christmas in July exchange. My partner was Florence Edmonds. She sent some stitching and non-stitching items including a few snowmen which I added to my collection. Thanks Florence, I appreciate everything. I finished gathering some goodies for Florence's return package. I hope that she enjoys everything. I have been rather scatter-brained lately, and I accidentally sent an exchange to the wrong person. Anyway, Florence will have received two packages by the time all is said and done. I was in a Stitching Lottery, and everyone stitched something and a name was drawn and that person received all of the finished items. I sent a Shepherd's Bush pinkeep, homemade lotion and soap, and Mary Englebreit sticky notes. I haven't heard if the winner has received her package, but I hope that everything that I sent arrived safely. I am working on my HoE Summer Quaker Exchange due in August. I made two of the same design so I could have one too. I will post some pictures of all of the mentioned exchanges when my life finally settles down.

My children went to the Fernandina Airport today and had the chance to participate with the Young Eagles program. Pilots took them up in their small planes for a chance to see the island and experience flying. The children wore headsets and Ethan's pilot actually let him fly the plane for a short time. They had a ball and when they turn twelve, they can take flying lessons if they want to give it a try.Well that's it for me tonight. I will post pictures of my exchanges and some of the children and the airplanes that they flew in today. Goodnight all!