Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanks Giselle

Thanks to Giselle Jaquenod, I now have a custom blog. Giselle designed my new blog and I am thrilled with it. Let me know what you think.

I am working on a new Midsummer Night Design freebie that is called "Jingle Sparkle Joy". It is working up very quickly and, thanks to the support over at BeckySC's Let's Stitch blog, I am making some progress. What's even better, is that this is some "me" stitching.. Well it's late so I will say good night. I will post progress pics tomorrow and a "Pickles" update.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello World (and some stitchy stuff)

This is Pickles! The pictures don't show just how cute and tiny he really is. Anyway, he made it through the night with minimal accidents. I didn't realize that having a new puppy can be so much like having a new baby.

This is Pickles sitting in Ethan's lap. He's a proud papa, and did I mention that laps are our favorite place to be?

This is my progress so far on Lizzie Kate's "Hocus Pocus". Not much but I am proud nonetheless! I'm stitching it just like they did over at Shepherd's Bush with lots of buttons and on a lolvely hand-dyed 10 count Tula (it's more like a lime green, but the photos don't do it justice).

These are the lovely dragonfly scissor charm and thread drops that Carol Ridyard sent to me. Aren't they lovely? Carol is such a sweetie. I love them Carol and I will think of you every time I use them.

I'm exhausted! I have been up with Pickles since before 7:00 this morning. Hopefully I will have a restful evening and get in some much needed stitching time. I am destined and determined to get this finished by next week's stitch-a-thon over on the Let's Stitch blog. Wish me lots of luck and lots of sleep!

We Bought A Puppy

Well my dear readers, Milsey (my hubby) bought our son Ethan a Chihuahua puppy tonight. We named him Pickles and boy is he adorable. He's settled in the bathroom for the night with Ethan on the floor next to him. I will take pics tomorrow and post for all to see. Ethan has been begging for a pet of any kind for the past few months. Honestly he probably would have accepted a rock as a pet as long as it was his to care for and love. Anyway, my DH-who loves Chihuahuas-caved and bought Pickles tonight for Ethan. I will keep you all posted on "Life With Pickles". He's eleven weeks old and fawn in color. Okay okay I will just post pics tomorrow so you can see for yourselves.

I received a wonderful "Act Of Kindness" today from Carol Ridyard. Again I promise to post pics tomorrow. I joined Becky SC on her "Let's Stitch" blog and am actually stitching something for myself for a change. I will post more on that tomorrow. That's it for me tonight-I feel like I have run a marathon!